Make It. Launch It.
Define a problem πŸ€”. Set a deadline to fix it πŸ“†. Build a solution in public and launch it πŸš€
The concept for a platform to help us all launch products and tackle problems faster, with more accountability and learn from our mistakes.

So the problem is…

Launching MVPs quickly and effectively is tough as it’s all too easy to get distracted by the part you enjoy most (like geeking out on building a tech stack, pixel-pushing every design detail, finessing your marketing pipelines etc) 😑. It’d be great to be able to stay accountable and be forced into a rapid launch framework that helps you: launch fast and on time; highlight the areas that you are weakest in; give you something to promote as you build πŸš€.

It doesn't matter whether you are shipping a game πŸ•Ή or shipping a ship 🚒, learn quickly by getting something to test the idea out the door... Make It. Launch It.

And the solution is…

Well, take a look at my own "Make. It Launch." launch page to see how I'm building this platform in public using itself - meta huh?.

If you can handle a few bugs and would like to help me make this the perfect launch platform for you, then register as a Beta User.