NSB Radio 3.0

NSB Radio 3.0


🎉 Launched! 🚀

In just 40 days

Here's the problem…

NSB Radio is one of the worlds biggest internet radio stations. Launched in 2004, the station has been broadcasting live shows everyday for over 5,000 days straight. As a non-profit making community project without a leader, the website and business direction has been neglected - even though the music has never stopped, and the station has never been as busy with passionate listeners and DJs.

So this is what I'm making…

Starting April 1st, I am committing to spend the next 30 days sprint working on NSB to set it up for the next 20 years of its life. I want to build the foundations to make NSB bigger and better than ever before, and to make sure for its 14th birthday at the end of June it is on its way to reclaim its top spot in the online broadcasting world.

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