Fixing M City Residence

Fixing M City Residence


  • 25 Days
  • Launched: 0 days from now

Here's the problem…

M City was branded as the next million-Ringgit premium residential building that resides along Jalan Ampang. However, multitude of problems have only compounded over the span of 2 years. With Mah Sing the developer, MO and JMC colluding to diminish all dissenters. The multi-million-Ringgit-per-house building is now plagued with embarrassing problems and issues. The MO's and JMS's combined abuse of power and inaction MUST be put to a stop.

So this is what I'm making…

Vote to remove the current JMC and re-elect new members who are both owners and residences. Dismiss the current MO and using only the new JMC members, incorporate a new registered body that serve as both oversight and management for M City. Essentially combining both JMC and MO into a single unit. Followed with legal and criminal investigation against the developer, JMC and MO.

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